Daisy May

This fantastic milestone birthday is definitely one worth celebrating. I offer a few options for my Birthday sessions. The most popular is the Cake smash session, then I also do a Smash & splash session or if you just want to celebrate the birthday with some plain and simple birthday pictures I offer the mini portrait session. 

When booking the time for your child’s birthday session I strongly recommend choosing a time that your child will be most settled and on top form. Usually after naps when they are well rested and have full bellies after their breakfast or lunch. 

I provide all the props and outfits for this session but if you have something in particular you would prefer your child to wear please let me know in advance. When you arrive I will have the studio set up for the 1st birthday scene so we can get your child changed into their outfit and start straight away. Sometimes children can be a little strange when they are in new surroundings so I recommend bringing snacks, toys or even just having their favourite songs on a mobile device to keep them calm and at ease. 

I will provide a cake to match the theme of the birthday which will be soft and easy to smash but don’t be worried if your child isn’t interested in the cake, believe it or not most children don’t dive straight in. Nevertheless there will probably be some mess so be prepared that you may get your own clothes dirty when lifting baby. So, pack a bag with plenty of wipes and a cosy outfit for your child to wear after the session.

If you have booked the Smash and Splash session, your child will get a chance to get cleaned up in the tub after the cake smash