Daisy May

Newborns are without doubt my absolute favourite session to do. In the blink of an eye they change which is why it is so important to capture this precious milestone in your baby’s life. Your Newborn session will take place in my studio situated at my home in Lurgan (unless you have pre booked a home session). It is best to prebook your Newborn session while pregnant, I usually recommend booking around your 20 week scan. Because due dates are unpredictable I only schedule a limited number of sessions each month so you are guaranteed a space when baby arrives. A deposit of £50 is required to prebook and can be paid via the link. This will be deducted from your chosen package on the day. You don’t need to decide on your package until baby is born. Packages start from £200. The best time to photograph your Newborn is within the 1st 14 days, my sweet spot is day 10. This usually guarantees those beautiful sleepy baby poses. I also photograph Newborns up to 12 weeks old but they will be a different style of images with the baby mostly awake and past that newborn stage. My studio will be warm and cosy which will allow you sometime to kick back and relax as the sessions can take from 2- 3 hours. This gives me time to settle baby and stop for feeds in needed. I know it can feel daunting leaving the house with your new baby in those 1st few weeks but believe me you won’t regret it. Most of my clients would say they find watching their newborn session so relaxing and enjoyable to watch but you don’t have to believe me just have a read at my testimonials.